THE Advanced Plastic Sheet Piling

T.H.E. Plastic Piling Co. is the exclusive distributor of Advanced Plastic Piling. Within this range, you will find the universal MultiLock, and the designers choice ProLock and Truline. The design and appearance of Plastic Piling, has always focused on ensuring the end product looks like a steel pile, rather than having match performance. This may have been an important feature, since all products were produced this way, but what is clear is that the replication of this shape is detrimental to the product’s performance.

T.H.E. Plastic Piling is the first to listen to market requirements and are extremely pleased that our Advanced range is not only a high performance product, but also looks good, to the extent that many designers are either using these Sheet Piling as a feature of the design, or consider using these products for the first time, as these products are so unobtrusive to the environment. These products are also the most versatile products available. The range offers a wide variety of strength configurations, with an important feature of easy and rapid installation.

The Advanced designs, specifically MultiLock, prove that plastic piling can be installed easily and rapidly.These products are more usually installed as part of a hybrid system, i.e. in conjunction with steel, timber or concrete. They also have sufficient strength to be driven as a conventional sheet pile on their own. It is a testament to this range that MultiLock, through its performance and ease of installation, appeals to both professional contractors, as well as the DIY market.

MultiLock is the No.1 selling plastic pile from our range.  It is 500mm wide and features  to hexagonal tubes. These tubes provide high levels of rigidity and permit internal reinforcement.  On its own, it is a light duty pile around 1/2 as strong as the Corus L8 / Mabey M7.   However, used with 100mm timber piles, it is comparable to these sections.  When used with steel tubes it becomes more comparable to the M11 Trench Sheet.  The MultiLock has gained a reputation as one of the fastest plastic piles to be installed.   This  is  a fact of its design and high rigidity.  It has been driven in 6m lengths for cut-off walls, and in such applications, a single sheet is strong enough to support the EMV300 vibrator.    Not many plastic piles  are capable of such achievement.    MultiLock, like ProLock and Truline, can also be used as  a hybrid king post structure.  Within such a structure, short lengths of the MultiLock  pile are combined with longer posts  or tubes,  rather than rely on a longer pile and deeper penetration.

ProLock has recently benefitted from an update in its design.   Some photos  illustrate ProLock as a two part system – an open fronted pile and a  closing slat.  New ProLock is completely flat frontaged, and as  such, appeals to applications where higher strength needs to be matched with aesthetics.  Like MultiLock, this  product is 500mm wide, but only works with one internal element, 150mm diameter post or tubes.  ProLock has a generated substantial interest for marinas and inland waterways.  It  provides a cantilever solution with steel tubes.  In an anchored design the full flat frontage enables maximum contact with the whaler for optimum distribution of loads.  Unlike MultiLock, it is more commonly used as a hybrid.

Truline Series 800 is the epitome of advanced designs. This  series  comprises  a new twist upon the use of a U shaped pile.  Truline forms a U side to side, rather than front to back, creating a box pile, that is subsequently infilled with gravel and concrete.

Truline consists of a main U element and other modules such as corners and end plates.   It is permissible to fully infill Truline with concrete, when installed via trenching.  It is also permissible to use with timber posts and steel tubes/H sections, so long as the pile is infilled with gravel to ensure load transferability.