APE Hammerman Equipment

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APE Hammerman Equipment provides a specific range of piling equipment, primarily suited to the installation of plastic sheet piling.   Since its creation, Hammerman has provided a range of equipment for hire and sales, including Atlas Copco PD1 handheld pile and post drivers,  ESF Mini Piling Vibrators and Piling Mandrels. It is our intention to broaden our own range of products, and in this vane we have create a subsidiary called The Hammer (Manufacturing and Research) Company Limited.   For the time being our focus is the provision of equipment on a hire basis, in support of our own plastic sheet piling range.

Originally all hired equipment was supplied through Aldridge Piling Equipment (Hire) Company Limited, commonly known as APE or APEhire.  Even equipment introduced and owned by The Hammerman, was supplied through APEhire, such as the piling mandrels and post drivers.   There having been a common directorship until 2014, but APEhire finally closed its doors in 2016, and dissolved in 2017 due to the retirement of its current directors and shareholders.   In 2018, we introduced a new subsidiary, for our plant hire activities, and this now has the name Aldridge Piling Equipment (Hire) Company Limited.

The Hammerman Equipment Plastic Piling Company are members of The Construction Plant-Hire Associations.  All Plant is hired as non operated under CPA Terms and Conditions.  Copies available on request.