EMS Series Vibrators

Excavator Mounted Piling Vibrators, are small pile drivers that vibrate the pile into the ground, whilst pushed upon by the excavator that they are attached to..   It is a relatively new format for an old technology, as piling using vibration has been the main means for sheet pile installation for decades.   However, this format has revolutionised the way plastic Sheet Piling and trench sheet is driven.

In general, Vibrators are much quieter than impact hammers,   In granular soils; which fluidise under the influence of the vibration, Vibrators can obtain installation speeds many times faster than impact hammers.    Piling Vibrators differ from compactor plates, as they apply a bi-directional force (up and down) to the pile.   Also, force tends to be much higher and better focused as the vibration mechanism consists of two eccentric weights that act to reinforce the vertical vibratory force (the useful stuff) and cancel out vibration that would occur laterally.   Compactor plates tend to have a single eccentric and so vibrate as much forward and backward as they do up and down.

Excavator mounting of piling vibrators is a relatively recent concept, that was a natural development following the success of other excavator mounted attachments This method utilises the hydraulic of the excavator to power the vibrator and which combined with additional push-force from the excavator, enables better effectiveness of the vibrator. The additional excavator push-force enables the vibrator to be designed much lighter, and so for a given weight, this format of vibrator will have one of the higher force to weight ratios.

The Hammerman Equipment are extremely pleased to introduce the EMS Series of piling vibrators. These range is fast growing and whilst the majority of the range is of a B design (elastomers mounted above the vibration generator), certain sizes are now available as M designs, where the elastomers mounted around the vibration generator, creating a shorter design.

Perhaps the biggest leap forward has been the introduction of the EMS Series vibrators the ESF03 available for sale through The Plastic Piling Company. Not only can the ESF03 fit to excavators as small as 1 1/2 tonnes ( 3 tonnes best) they run off the same small hydro packs as the PD1 units! This provides an exceptionally compact solution that can also be crane suspended.