JETFilters - The maintainable drainage filter
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JET Filters are THE managed weep hole system that is vital to marine and bridge infrastructure today. The JET Filter relieves the hydrostatic pressures created by rain water as well as tidal surges trapped behind almost any design of control structures:Seawalls • Bulkheads • Retaining Walls• Sheet Piling • Bridge Abutments

Any earth retaining structure is an investment and to ensure that your investment reaches and exceeds its design life, consideration to proper drainage behind the piled wall is essential.

The lack of weep holes or alternate drainage can lead to a build up of static and dynamic water pressure, from trapped or perched water behind the wall. This build up of pressure, can reach a level that exceeds the design loads, and as a result lead to premature wall failure. Panel seams which have opened up or toe failure of the wall can be an indicator of unrelieved pressure due to clogged or insufficient weep holes.

The most basic weep hole is simply a drilled hole through the structure, but this, whilst eliminating pressure build up, will lead to soil erosion from the rear of the structure or in the long term become clogged.

Soil erosion can be reduced by using a woven geotextile such as Mirafi® FW300, positioned behind the wall, to sieve fines and silts. Once installed, these textiles are not easily cleaned or replaced and so despite the nature of the material, they will have a limited life as they eventually clog up.

The JET Filters is an innovative product range that utilises Mirafi® FW300, but in such a way that it can be easily removed, cleaned and replaced. The innovation of a replaceable filter cartridge is the key component of the JET Filter design. The JET Filters are available in 3 diameters, 2½

Update 2015: JETFilters all available in stainless steel in addition to the above