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The Hammerman Equipment Plastic Piling Company, trading as both THE Plastic Piling Co and The Hammerman, offer a unique package of plastic sheet piling, weephole filters and piling equipment.

Our plastic piling range combines traditional UZ with the new advanced sheet pile designs.  This enables us to offer an unparalleled range of piling systems, including traditional sheet piling, king sheet combi piles, hybrid and fully plastic kingposts and formwork solutions.

Plastic benefits piling, extending the use of sheet piling into an extremely wide range of applications including highways, waterways railways, environmental and domestic.

Long Lasting

Benefits of plastic sheet piling, particularly the advanced range, include improved longevity outlasting timber, steel and geotextile structures. Plastic Piling is truly a permanent solution, one that requires no maintenance.

Looks Great

Plastic sheet piling looks better than corrugated steel section, we offer a wide range of sections, including flat faced and colour options are available. Our hybrids can also be integrated in to soft engineering designs but maintains the benefits of a hard engineered structure.


Plastic Piling provides a safer working method through better manual handling, easier cutting.

THE Plastic Piling are also the UK and EU distributors for the innovative JETFilter weephole system.  JETFilters are the maintainable geotextile weephole drainage filters designed for use with sheet piling, plastic or steel, timber, concrete and masonry structures such as bridge abutments. Proper drainage extends the life of your structural assets, using JETFilters prevents back erosion that can compromise such control.

We have always sort to provide a complete package and are increase our hire fleet of small piling equipment including Piling mandrels, Handheld hydraulic hammers and the new Hammerman ESF Series vibrators. The world’s smallest powerpack vibrators.

MultiLock Plastic Sheet Piling

Unique hexagonal tubular design providing unparalleled rigidity.

Great water tightness – Available with inbuilt mechanical seal.


Save money and time!

Economical – typically 40% less sheet pile use when combined with timber posts

Fast easy installation – reduced friction – greater daily output

Can be integrated into a soft engineering design – best of both worlds.

Extremely fast installing product, faster still when installed as a hybrid with timber post or steel tubes.

Kingpost concept eliminates the need to drive longer sheet lengths on refusal, whilst providing a driven kingpanel reducing undercut issues.