THE Plastic Piling Company – formerly Aldridge Piling Equipment (Manufacturing) Co Limited – is the UK leading supplier of plastic sheet piling, plastic hybrids and plastic king posts systems.   Under the brand JETFilter Europe, we also act as the European distributors for the innovative wick drain solution for weepholes – The JETFilter System.  Under the brand The Hammerman Equipment we hold the UK agency for the EMS Series Vibrators, the worlds smallest powerpack vibrators – ideally suited to plastic piling, light trench sheeting, sheet piling, timber piling etc.

For more information please browse the website or follow our twitter feeds @plasticpiling, @jetfiltereurope, @THEapehire and @APEhammerman or just call us on 01543 677290

Following the closure of Company 01071973 and our aquisition of the name Aldridge Piling Equipment (Hire) Company Limited, we have also acquired our original telephone number 01543 277680, so calls on this line will come direct to us.