Piling Mandrels

Plastic Piling Mandrels are steel strengtheners used to facilitate the installation of plastic sheet piling.  The demand for such mandrels is growing in line with the demand to drive longer and longer lengths of of plastic sheet piling.

Cut-off wall applications seeking to install lengths of between 4 -6 metre on average. Recent successes in Holland have achieved 11m sheets using leader rigs, coming close to that achived in the USA and Poland 14 metre sheets.

In support of our extensive range of Plastic Sheet Piles, we offer a comprehensive range of side sleeves, side mandrels and internal mandrels.  Over 20 years of piling equipment development, and experience gain through direct involvement in numerous piling trials, has all gone into the design of our mandrels that are now used all over the world.

A mandrel acts to support the pile drivers, and to hold the plastic pile rigid during the installation process.  The process also acts to reduce toe resistance, by clearing the soil a head of the plastic pile.  The need to drive and extract the mandrel, necessitates the use of vibratory equipment, be this suspended, excavator mounted or leader mounted.

The design of our mandrels is to achieve this through minimal contact with the plastic piling, with a strong emphasis on side or internal support.  This eliminate any need to re-drive an extracted or partially extract pile, upon removal of the mandrel.  Mandrels are available for hire or purchase, for more information on our mandrels and other piling equipment such as our mini vibrator hammers and handheld impact hammers call us on 01543 677290.