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Yes, we have a new name and branding to match, look out for our new website coming shortly.



The new site will include a contractors list, a designers list and where you can source equipment.


To contact us about our range of plastic sheet piling please call one of the following numbers only


01543 677290


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The Plastic Piling Company is a leading authority on plastic sheet piling; particularly with regard to how these product are installed, what equipment is needed and available for your job.   We are constant innovators, combining the most advanced plastic sheet piling from world leading producers, with our own invention and design of piling equipment.  We have proven time and time again that we have the best products, and this is only possible through our constant innovation.
The Plastic Piling Company were the first to introduce plastic sheet pile designs that did not copy traditional steel designs; these advanced sheet piling designs provide better performance in terms of installation and use.  These unique designs carry forward sheet pile design, beyond that of what can be accomplished with steel.
The Plastic Piling Company, in conjunction with the TRL and Cranfield University conducted the world's first Carbon foot printing study on the full life cycle of plastic sheet piling, including production, transportation and use.  

For equipment we can either refer you to a local source or supply the equipment for you.  

In 2015 we will be introducing more piling mandrels into our hire fleet, plus Atlas Copco handheld Pile and Post drivers.

The Hammerman are also the UK agents for the innovative EMS Series Vibrators and aim to have a demo/hire fleet on these shortly  #almosthammertime 

Plastic sheet piling is made from recycled PVC, and has been available for close to 20 years in the UK. Early products were extremely lightweight and so limited in terms of drivability and load support.  It is only with the introduction of the heavy duty Z and U sheet piles and most recently the advanced sheet piles, MultiLock – the Hex pile, ProLock and Truline; that plastic piling became to realise its true potential – as a viable sheet pile.
Sheet Piling is a long established technique used in major civil engineering projects.   Applications typically are those that need to retain or exclude, and this remains true with plastic sheet piling.  .  Plastic Piling soon found a niche in water control applications, particularly scour and erosion control, landscaping, ditch blocking and flood management.
Is it cheaper than steel?
This is perhaps the one question we get asked most, and in fairness it was one touted a lot by the early producers of the budget plastic piles.  In realty this only hold for applications where strength is irrelevant so long as the pile can be driven to depth – for instance cut-off walls.  In this scenario the excellent longevity of the plastic piling combined with the good water tightness, enables these product to compete with much more expensive hot rolled steel sheet piling.
When strength is an issue, then products be they plastic or steel should be fairly price comparable, but price stable, unlike steel, plastic pile prices do not fluctuate from week to the next and so we can offer you price stability.   
Plastic piling hold many advantages over steel, including longevity, chemical resistance, lightness, spark proof and with the recent introduction of Hammerman advanced plastic piles aesthetic is a key area, these new plastic piles look good.
Some applications need the properties of plastic but with the strength of steel, others want better value or economy, other sites have severe access restriction and so are limited in terms of what equipment they can use.   For these sites we are pleased to offer the original Hammerman system hybrid technology combining plastic, timber, steel and concrete.   Combining the best of both materials!

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New Product Agency

The EMS Series Vibrators, the worlds smallest piling vibrators.  We are pleased to confirm that we are now the UK agents for this very innovative range of piling vibrators and now have the ESF03 in the hire fleet.  The ESF01 comes complete with a very small Power Pack and so provided a very compact solution. 

The rest of the EMS Series is available for purchase for more information call us on 01543 677290

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