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The Hammerman Equipment Plastic Piling Company, trading as both THE Plastic Piling Co and The Hammerman, offer a unique package of plastic sheet piling, weephole filters and piling equipment. Our plastic piling range includes UZ and Advanced plastic sheet piling, kingposts and formwork that provide a thorough alternative and extension to traditional cold formed trench sheeting.

Benefits of plastic sheet piling, particularly the advanced range, include improved longevity – our sheet piles have replaced steel trench sheeting on numerous contracts, where steel simply did not last long enough. Plastic Piling is truly a permanent solution, one that requires no maintenance.  Recent years have seen the expansion of soft engineering boasting improved aesthetics. Plastic sheet piling provides better aesthetics, but with the benefits of a hard engineered structure.

Plastic Piling provides a safer working method through better manual handling, easier cutting. Combine this with the latest advancement in piling equipment, including handheld pile and post drivers, and the new EMS Series vibrators. The worlds smallest powerpack vibrators, a compact modern solution to noisy, polluting air hammers.

JETFilters are the maintainable geotextile weephole drainage filters designed for use with sheet piling, plastic or steel, timber, concrete and masonry structures such as bridge abutments. Proper drainage extends the life of your structural assets, using JETFilters prevents back erosion that can compromise such control

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MultiLock Plastic Piling in the spotlight


 Plastic Piling hybirds

MultiLock Plastic Sheet Piling

Unique hexagonal tubular design providing unparalleled rigidity

 Great water tightness - Available with inbuilt mechanical seal


Save money and time!

 Economical - typically 40% less sheet pile use when combined with timber posts

Fast easy installation - reduced friction - greater daily output

MultiLock Plastic Piling with water seal     MultiLock plastic Piling close up of seal at interlock  

Can be integrated into a soft engineering design - best of both worlds

 Extremely fast installing product, faster still when installed as a hybrid with timber post or steel tubes.  

Kingpost concept eliminates the need to drive longer sheet lengths on refusal, whilst providing a driven kingpanel reducing undercut issues


The Hammerman Equipment Plastic Piling Company formerly APE Plastic Piling The Hammerman


Thank you for taking the time to view our range of plastic sheet piling.   If you have an active scheme that may benefit from plastic piling or simply seeking to extending your knowledge on what is available, you have come to the right place! THE Plastic Piling Company in one form or another has been involved with plastic piling in the UK for over 17 years.   With a background and expertise in pile driving equipment, the focus of the range, is on products that can be installed efficiently; using regular pile driving equipment.

Our range now provides a wide choice of Z, U and advanced plastic piling, sourced from wide range of suppliers throughout the world. 

The statement “Plastic sheet piling ….what a clever idea!” is often followed by an incredulity that it is one, structural and two, capable of being driven into the ground - in other words a real sheet pile.  In fairness this impression was based very much on the early budget Z piles; these are not strong nor easy to install.   We are pleased to state this has very much improved and perhaps the greatest development in recent years has been the increase in choice of piles.   I am extremely proud of our range of sheet piling, particularly the versatility of the advanced range blurring boundaries of sheet piling with king post and formwork products.
The ability to combine plastic with steel or timber products provides more options, and in turn more solutions.   The Plastic Piling Company have changed the perception of plastic piling, with products that do install efficiently, fulfilling the true potential of plastic piling.    

From DIY to major civil engineering works we have the products you need.
MultiLock and Timber hybrid sheet pilingMultiLock for cut-off walls installed using a leader rig 11m long sheets
EMS Series Vibrators driving trench sheets on a cal inland waterways
To complement this range, we have the UK Agency for the innovative EMS series piling vibrators, the ESF03 the UK smallest purpose built piling vibrator, designed to be excavator mounted or suspended.  The EMF03 unit is exceptionally versatile in that its low pressure and flow requriements means that it can be powered off a very small hydraulic pack.  
Jetfilter Europe the maintainable weephole drainage filter
THE Plastic Piling Co are also the European agency for the innovative JETFilter, the maintainable weephole solution for retaining walls, made of steel, plastic, timber or concrete.  As such these are well suited to bridge abutments and masonary structures.
David Coley
Managing Director  
The Hammerman Equipment Plastic Piling Company Limited


To contact us about our range of plastic sheet piling please call one of the following numbers only 

Call us now 01543 677290

 01543 677290


0845 5195197


07775 710648 




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EcoZ Plastic Piling Trench Pile plastic Piling ideal for shoring applications  Europile Plastic Piling   Ultra U Plastic Piling Ultra U 600 wide plastic piles vinyl sheet piling  Ultra Z Sheet Piling MultiLock Plastic Piling ideal for cutoff walls or a hybrid ProLock Omega Plastic Piling  Truline modular sheet piling vinyl piling formwork 
EcoZ  Trench Pile  Europile 

Ultra U 300-460

 Ultra U600

Ultra Z  MultiLock ProLock Truline 


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